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Dress Code



The purpose of the Student Dress Standards and Guidelines at Santiago includes:

  • Ensure students are treated equitably
  • Maintain a safe and learning environment in classes where protective or supportive clothing is needed, such as chemistry/biology (eye protection) or PE or some CTE classes (athletic attire/shoes).
  • Prevent students from wearing clothing with offensive or dangerous images or language, including profanity, hate speech, pornography, or dangerous objects.
  • Preventing an actual distraction or disturbance to a school activity.

Parents and students are encouraged to work together to ensure all students have a school environment that is safe and conducive to learning.  Remember, this is your 1st professional experience. Failure to adhere to the standards of dress may result in changing of clothes, progressive discipline, and/or home notification.  Administration/designee will determine the appropriateness of the student’s clothing in accordance with this dress code.  Some confiscated items will require pick up by a parent/guardian.

Type of Clothing

What to Wear

Shirts/ pants, shorts, skirts & dresses

·         Student clothing will be opaque (not see through) and appropriately cover the student’s body and undergarments.

·         Tops should have at least a one inch shoulder straps.

·         Clothing must cover all areas of the midriff (unless aligned to a class/ program activity (i.e. theater costume)

·         Clothing must cover cleavage, buttocks, and private areas and should be worn no lower than the hips


·         Since electronics are not permitted during passing periods or class time, hoodies should not be worn in or outside of class (exception inclement weather). 

·         During in-classroom instruction, a teacher/ staff member may direct a student to remove headwear at any time.  Teachers may also direct a student to move to a different seat if the hat causes a visual obstruction to other students. 

·         Students who need to cover their heads for religious/ cultural or medical reasons/ sun-protective (doctor’s note on file) will be allowed to do so with administrative notification and permission.  


All clothing, headwear, and accessories are prohibited from:

·         Construed or may be used as a weapon (chains to belts or wallets, pointed/spiked accessories, etc.)

·         Offensive profane, or obscene logos, symbols, or wording

·         Messages that promote the use of drugs, alcohol, crime, hate, racism, or violence/ shape or image of a weapon

·         Clothing, headwear or accessories that are symbolic or deemed gang-related by local law enforcement, associated with threatening/ violent behavior, Harassment, or discrimination for any protected class.

Costumes/Dress Up Days

Students will adhere to the Dress Code on all special events such as Halloween, Toga Day, Pajama Day, Spirit week, Dances etc.