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Dress Code



Santiago High School expects that all students will use common sense and good taste in their dress for school.  Inappropriate clothing can be distracting, disruptive, and dangerous.  Failure to adhere to the standards of dress will result in requiring a change of clothes, detention and/or parent notification.  Repeat offenders are considered defiant and will face Saturday School, Suspension and/or referral to an outside agency.  Administration will determine the appropriateness of the student’s clothing in accordance with this dress code.  Some confiscated items will require pick up by a parent/guardian.


Type of Clothing

What Not to Wear


·           Tube tops, halters, mesh tops,  sheer shirts, undergarments

    o   Skin or belly button cannot show


Pants/Shorts/Skirts & Dresses

·           Sagging due to over-sized pant

o   underwear/undershorts should not be showing

o   rear end should not be exposed

o   pants should be worn no lower than the hips

o   boys’ shorts may be no longer than 4” below the knee

·            Very short and/or very tight shorts, pants, skirts, and dresses


·         Caps, hats, skull caps,  hoddies, & bandanas

o   Santiago baseball caps may be worn BUT not during class time.


o   Students who need to cover their heads for religious purposes will be allowed to do so with administrative notification and permission.

Non-approved headgear will be confiscated and held until the end of the school year.


  • Chains attached to belts or wallets, pointed studs and dog collars, safety pins, or anything that may be used or construed as a weapon
  • Offensive, profane or obscene logos, symbols, or wording:
    • death symbols, clothes or accessories which are racist, lewd, vulgar, profane
    • messages that promote the use of drugs, alcohol, crime, hate, and violence
  • Clothing symbolic of gangs or disruptive groups associated with threatening behavior,  harassment, or discrimination
    • long, white or black socks worn above the knee
    • Gang-related jewelry. symbols & tattoos
    • Any manner of dress deemed to be gang-related by local law enforcement
  • Sunglasses should not be worn in class
  • Slippers allowed only on Pajama Days

Costumes/Dress Up Days

Students will adhere to the Dress Code on all special event days such as Halloween, Toga Day,  Pajama Day,  Sadie’s, Homecoming, Co-Ed Formal, Prom, etc.


See Student-Parent Handbook for pictures, page 11.