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POLICIES - Attendance/Tardies



To reach the Attendance Office, please dial (714) 663-6244
  • Mrs. Gonzalez assists students with last names (A-L)
  • Mrs. Mantle assists students with last names (M-Z)

Parents/guardians are required to make sure that their student brings a note after every absence OR phone the office the day of the absence.  The note should indicate the reason and date(s) of absence.  Students who fail to verify their absence will be marked truant and assigned to Saturday School*.  Students also have 3 days to clear a marked truancy.


The following attendance definitions, established in the California Education Code, will be in effect for the coming year:

Excused Absence (E)

Personal illness

Official quarantine by a county or city health officer

Appointments to receive medical, dental, optometry, or quarantine services

Attendance at the funeral of a member of the student’s immediate family


Permissive Absence (P)

An absence excused by the parent for personal reasons.  The school must be notified by the parent or guardian prior to the absence.  Examples include court appearance, family vacation, and observance of religious holidays.


Unexcused Absence (U)

An unexcused absence is an absence that occurs with parent knowledge but without prior notification to the school.  Examples include babysitting, helping at home, oversleeping, transportation problems, and on vacation without prior school clearance.


Truancy Absence (T)

A truancy is an absence that occurs without the knowledge and consent of the school/parent.  Students shall not receive credit for assignments and tests missed while truant.  Detention(s)/Saturday School/On-campus suspension will be assigned for all truancies.  Excessive excused absences, 3 or more truancies and/or tardies may result in initiating the Student Attendance Review Board process.



Students who need to leave campus before the end of their school day for any reason must check out through the attendance office.  Students must have an office issued pass in their possession any time they wish to leave campus, including lunchtime.  Students who leave campus without office clearance will be assigned to Saturday School. Students without a 1st, 5th or 6th period class MUST obtain a sticker for their IDs indicating “No Class P.1, etc.” from the Attendance Office.


*During distance learning, SHS will not assign Saturday School.  Parents will be contacted and student may be referred to Truancy Reduction Center for support.