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AP Testing

AP (Advanced Placement Tests):
Advanced Placement examinations are taken each May by students at participating American, Canadian, and international educational institutions. The tests are the culmination of year-long Advanced Placement (AP) courses. All but one of the AP exams combine multiple-choice questions with a free-response section in either essay or problem-solving format.  AP Studio Art, the sole exception, requires students to submit a portfolio for review.   Students who are on the free/reduced lunch program will qualify to take the tests at a reduced fee.  Students must be currently enrolled in the AP course they are testing for.  Any exceptions must be approved ahead of time by the AP Coordinator.  Below are the test dates for the 2022-23 school year.
May 1-12, 2023
May 1 - US Government 8:00 am, Chemistry 12:00 noon
May 2 - Environmental Science 8:00 am, Psychology 12:00 noon
May 3 - English Literature & Composition 8:00 am
May 4 - Human Geography 8:00  am, Statistics 12:00 noon
May 5 - United States History 8:00  am
May 8 -  Calculus AB & BC 8:00  am, Computer Science Principles 12:00 noon
May 9 - English Language and Composition 8:00 am, Physics C: Mechanics 12:00 noon