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VERY IMPORTANT– Read through to the end!!!!

*Every student who has a Social Security Number or alien registration number needs to apply for  financial aid! FAFSA’s are available on-line starting  January 1st; all students & their parents need a pin number in order to apply on-line. 

*NOTE: You are completing the 2017-2018 FAFSA; be sure to select the correct year!


Pin Numbers: You will need the following to sign up for your pin number:   1) Social Security Number  2) Date of birth    3) Address   4) E-mail address    You will also have to select a “challenge   question” to  answer if you forget your pin #.  Examples: mother’s maiden name, city or hospital you were born in, name of elementary school that you    attended, etc..           

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FAFSA Forms: You will need the following in order to fill out the FAFSA starting  January 1st:   1) 2016 (or 2015 if 2016 not ready) Federal Tax Return for yourself (if you work) and your parents.  2) Social Security Number          

3) Parents’ Social Security #  (if they have one), date of  marriage & dates of birth  4) Current Bank  Statements   5) 2016 Untaxed Income Records   6) Investment Records   7) Your PIN # and your parent’s PIN #   8) Alien Registration #, if you’re not a U.S. citizen.       

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CA Dream Application

AB540 students are now eligible to apply for Cal Grants using the CA Dream Application!! The applications will be available starting January 1st (You need the 2014-15 school year; the application currently on the web site is for current college students.) Go to

You will need the following to fill out the forms:    1)2013 (or 2012, if 2013 is not ready) Federal Tax Return for yourself (if you work) and your parents if one was filed or 2) income earned for 2013  3) Parents’ Social      Security # (if they have one), date of marriage & dates of birth   4) Value of investments and/or bank accounts

Cal Grant GPA Release Forms


If you have not submitted your form you will NOT be able to receive a Cal Grant. **For AB540 students– you must be sure that your personal info, especially your address, is correct on your form. This is what we will submit. If it does not match then they will not be able to match you up for a Cal Grant!