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University and Exam Requirements
To be eligible for admission to a four-year university, students must meet subject requirements. These requirements represent the minimum academic standards for eligibility. Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission. Admission to the campus and program of choice often requires students to meet more demanding standards including high entrance examination test scores. All courses taken to satisfy college admission requirements must be completed with a semester grade of "C" or higher.
Subject Admission Requirements for UC and Cal State
 ("a-g") Subject UC and CSU Admission Requirements a - Social Science 2 years - 1 year of World History and 1 year of U.S. History or ½ year of U.S. History and ½ year of Civics b - English 4 years college preparatory English c - Mathematics 3 years including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 or higher levels. (4 years recommended) d - Science 2 years lab science in two of three areas: Biology, Chemistry, Physics. (3 years recommended) e - Foreign Language 2 years of the same foreign language (3 years recommended) f - Fine Arts/Applied Arts Visual/Performing Arts 1 year-long course in Art, Drama, or Music g - Specified Electives College preparatory electives: 1 year, in addition to those required above, chosen from the following areas: history, English, advanced math, lab science, foreign language, social science, visual arts or performing arts.
The UC Certified Course list accessed at
 College Exams PSAT, SAT, ACT
The PSAT is a practice test usually taken by students for exposure and experience before taking the SAT's. Santiago provides all tenth graders the opportunity to take the PSAT at no charge during the fall. Colleges and scholarship programs use scores from the SAT and ACT as one of several tools to evaluate the academic preparedness of applicants. A schedule of testing dates for this year appears below. It is important to register early to avoid late fees and insure assignment to your first choice test center. Specialized tests such as the SAT II Language Tests are for students who are not native speakers, and extended-time testing for students with professionally diagnosed disabilities is offered on specified test dates only.  Fee waivers are available to qualified students who are on the free/reduced lunch program.  Waivers are available in the Guidance Office. 
SAT Exam ACT Exam Test Dates 2016-17
Test Dates                 Registration Deadline               
Oct 1, 2016                 September 1, 2016                   
Nov 5, 2016                October 7, 2016                          
Dec 3, 2016                November 3, 2016
Jan 1, 2017                 December 21, 2016
Mar 11, 2017               February 10, 2107
May 6, 2017                April 7, 2017
June 3, 2017               May 9, 2017            
Test Dates                       Registration Deadline          
Dec 13th                          Nov 7th (Late reg Nov 8-21)                  
Feb 7th                            January 9th (Late reg Jan 10-16)                     
April 18th                         March 13th (Late reg March 14-17)
June 13th                         May 8th ( Late reg May 9-22)                         
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