Grade Reports

Report Card Grading System
Academic Grades
Citizenship Grades and Work Habits
          A - Superior                            O - Outstanding
          B - Above Average                 S - Satisfactory
          C - Satisfactory                       N - Needs Improvement
          D - Below Average                  U - Unsatisfactory
          F - Failure; credit not granted
Incomplete grades are given only for absences due to illness that result in assignments or tests not being completed. Incomplete grades must be approved by the counselor or administrator.  Students receiving incomplete grades have the responsibility to make up missed work. If work is not made up by the end of the next school quarter, the incomplete grade will be changed to the actual grade earned by the student at the end of the grading period.


   2019-2020 Quarter Dates & Grading Window Dates 










* Progress reports are sent to students who are in danger of failing one or more classes.
*Only semester report cards reflect grades that are entered on student's transcripts and credits earned toward graduation.