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Social Science Department

Mr. Stapatyanon's Course Schedule and about him

Period 1: US History AP
Period 2: US History AP
Period 3: US History AP
Period 4: Economics P
Period 5: Economics P
Period 6: Conference

Period 9: Online Economic


This is my 11th year teaching at Santiago High School. I currently teach US History AP, Economics P and Online Economics 

I LOVE the classes i teach and the students that I've had. I find History fascinating because they are all events that have happened and shape who we are as a society today.

When I'm not in the classroom with my amazing students, I spend most of my time with my wife Nancy, son Ben, and golden retriever Dug.  We love going to Disneyland and taking vacations to see the world while practicing my hobby of photography.  I am also a big time foodie while trying delicious foods from all cultures.  When at home, I enjoy watching tv shows/movies, playing video games, and expanding my history knowledge to bring into the classroom.  If you, student or guardian, ever need anything... please visit me in room 121 or email me.  Lets make this a memorable school year!!!