Ceramics/ Jewelry

My name is Matt Brewer. I am a Graduate of Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Since then I have been teaching here at Santiago High School for Thirteen years and the years have flown by. I have been having more fun with this gig than I can remember having for many years, or at least since dodge ball in fifth grade. I am definitely looking forward to the next 30 years. Seriously, there is no greater reward than teaching the stuff I love (art) to willing and even unwilling learners. In many ways teaching is considered a thankless job. The reward I am speaking of is the knowledge of our impact on the community and even society. Occasionally you get a former student visiting to see their old art teacher to say "hey that one thing you said to me that one time directed my path, thanks".
You can get the specifics about the classes I teach from "my classes".
Thanks for checking my page out.
A truly grateful teacher, Matt