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Every student who attends Santiago High School is a part of the Student Body. There is a select (and elected) group of students that serve as representatives to the Student Body and are enrolled in the Leadership class during 4th period. These students serve as the promoters of school spirit and pride, putting forth efforts to strengthen our prestige in the community. Some of the biggest events hosted by ASB include Homecoming, Wintermas, the Sadie Hawkins Dance and International Week. Other events include dress-up days, lunchtime games and attending sporting events. ASB is always on call to provide assistance at any event on Campus such as parent nights and registration.

In addition to these events, ASB members have other responsibilities. Business meetings occur almost daily to discuss the most efficient and beneficial ways to use student money. Members manage the Purple Pit (Student Store) at Santiago High School, providing this service during Break, Lunch, and after school. Posters and balloon orders are also handled daily.

The main purpose of ASB is to create positive, friendly relations among Santiago Cavaliers. To help achieve this, ASB recognizes the quality of students and faculty through appreciation weeks, luncheons and special events. One of the goals of Santiago High School is to promote a safe and memorable learning environment for all students and staff members, and it is a pleasure for ASB to assist with this goal.

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