Welcome Santiago Cavaliers!
It is a honor and pleasure to serve as your chemistry or physics teacher this year. I am super excited to see the amazing things we will learn learn, explore and create together. I have been at Santiago High School since 2012 and hope to remain here for as long as I can. Go Cavs.
My objective is to provide as much support and help to ensure your success in my classroom. One of my favorite quotes is that "Your success is dependent on you asking questions." Lastly, I strongly believe in welcoming my students to make mistakes in the classroom so they can learn from them.
Short Biography
I graduated from University of California in Irvine with my B.S. in chemistry and my single-subject teaching credential in 2011 and 2012. In addition, I also pursued my Masters of Arts in teaching and instruction in 2015 at Trident University. I have served as the club adviser for Class of 2016, Teachers of Tomorrow, and Club of Sciences for the last 5 years. In my spare time I served as a volunteer at multiple non-profit organizations and it has been my 5th year as a mentor to UCI undergraduates students trying to decide what to do after college.
To reach me:
If you have any questions please don not hesitate to contact me via my email at vlieu@ggusd.us. I look forward to meeting and working with you this year.
Additional tutoring:
I offered tutoring in the morning starting at 6:30 am, during lunch, and after-school almost daily. I can also be found in the library on Wednesday from 3-5 pm.