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Getting Involved at School

Thank you for visiting my website. I teach biology and AP environmental science and am involved with several clubs and projects on campus. There are a number of exciting opportunities available for you to become involved with this year, and stay tuned for pictures from such activities to be posted in the future. Club activities allow you to earn extra-curricular service hours, helpful for college application time.  I addition, and most importantly, you are having fun and making a positive difference in the world around you, in a way that is meaningful to you.  Scroll down and read about some of the projects/activities going on this year and get involved in an area that interests you. Parents: we are always in need of help and support and I welcome your ideas and involvement.
Student Sustainability Council:

The Student Sustainability Council (SSC) is a student-led program aiming to provide

students at Santiago High School and members of our community with information about protecting our environment, itsā€™ resources and the importance of sustainability.  Students work in teams that focus on a variety of hands-on projects at Santiago, ranging from water and energy conservation, native gardening, storm water capture, education, activism and more.


Earth Guardians Garden Grove:

Under the umbrella organization of The SSC, Earth Guardians is a new club working with the international organization, Earth Guardians, to provide Garden Grove youth with the opportunities to take active leadership in working on campaigns and projects to help spread awareness about critical environmental issues today. Students also work on being part of the solutions at the local, community grass-roots level.

Recycling Coordinator:  I can always use help recycling, and am hoping to expand our work to include opportunities for the community to recycle, in addition to other schools in Garden Grove.  Santiago will soon be adding a clothing recycling bin in front of the main circle, for the community and students of Santiago. See me if you would like to help out with any of these endeavors.  Money raised is used to help create and maintain the native garden and helps fund other student activities for the SSC.