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Important Web Sites

Below are websites for students to access for information pertaining to colleges, jobs, testing, scholarships, loans and more.  We have categorized them by subject to make it easier to find.
College Information Sites  Bilingual (Spanish) gateway to hundreds of school websites  Search engine for selecting colleges according to your major  Information about study abroad programs  Questions and answers website  California State University home page  Application website (Check spam filters on your computer settings to allow the university to email you back.  Be sure to turn off your "pop-up" blockers.  The username is up to 20 letters or numbers. The system times out after 40 minutes of non-activity and it doesn't save.  Be sure to do your personal statement on a word processor and cut and paste to your application.  A complete site, with college and scholarship searches, info about the PSAT/SAT and AP tests and other material pertaining to the college search and application process.  This is Santiago's homepage on the web.  Click on the counselor tab for academic, college, career, testing, scholarship and important dates and deadlines.  This is a comprehensive college and career information website for parents and students.  Click on the Site ID box next to portfolio information above the sign-in box.  Type 0010456 in the site ID box; type cavalier in the password box.  Links to california colleges.  This helps with college planning, financial aid, and career exploration.  This has a matching assistant to help you match colleges with your majors and interests.  It also has campus tours.
Google "What can I do with a major in ____________.  Helpful ideas for career/college majors  For students to check "a-g" requirements  Website to check on transferable community college classes  University of California home page  UC's online calculator for preliminary eligibility   (or fill in other UC initials)  View the course catalog for each UC campus  Website for information for undocumented students and college access  California community college info  Community college applications  Support services on college campuses, educational accommodations and specialized instruction for students with disabilities are found on this site  Private/Independent college and university info  Campus tours and college and scholarship info  Virtual tours of colleges.  Useful for its 360 degree views of dorm rooms and buildings  Colleges in all states active in recruiting and retaining first-generation and underserved  National college sites with virtual tours and web cams  College information in English or Spanish  An all purpose site including a college search and info on summer programs, summer camps, and jobs.  Info on two and four-year colleges and universities and financial aid
www.uctv/collegebound  Online videos and resources to get into college  Detailed data on hundreds of colleges and universites
Testing Sites  ACT testing and national college and scholarship info  Free SAT and ACT test prep  Princeton Reviews testing, college and financial aid site  Kaplan's test prep and admissions info  Free SAT and ACT test prep  Info on test prep, financial aid and textbooks  Free SAT and ACT prep software  SATI,II and ACT online practice test site
Jobs, Volunteer and Apprenticeship Sites  Places and volunteer work with the Peace Corps  Dedicated to helping everyone find a great place to volunteer  Site for students interested in doing full-time volunteer work  Lists enrichment programs for summer and school year  Apprenticeship information Internet application for entry level job seekers  US job corps  A huge site with links to career resources and jobs  An opportunity to post your resume and links to job searches List designed to explore a career and conduct a job search  Job prospects; potential earnings in future careers  Jobs in government  Jobs in non-profit organizations  Free career exploration for health and medical  Info on being a teacher in California
Financial Aid and Student Loans Sites
http://projectonstudentdebt  website explores borrowing/loan information and the initiatives tab has detailed information on the colleges with "no loan" or "low loan" guarantees  To get electronic signatures for filing the FAFSA online  FAFSA website  (DO NOT GO TO  Info on federal services benefits and resources  Same information in Spanish  National college match for high-achieving, low-income seniors planning to attend some of the nation's most selective colleges.  It provides full cost of tuition and room and board.  Financial aid info for California community colleges  Financial aid 101-the entire process
Scholarship Sites  The Gates Millennium Scholarship website  Hispanic Scholarship Fund  Scholarship and financial aid info  Scholarships and financial aid info  Scholarships (Beware of the advertising!!)  Latino scholarships  Latino scholarships.  Immigration status is not used  Latino Scholarship resource  Latino scholarship resource  Chicano organizing, research and scholarships to undocumented  Free scholarship service  Free scholarship service  Free scholarship service  Information regarding college, scholarships, and online degrees
Miscellaneous Sites  General information for military careers  Free translations